Please submit this request at least 60 days in advance for review and approval. Acceptance of the request is dependent on current scheduling obligations, availability, and alignment with the mission and goals of our organization.


CLASS-A-ROLL Request Form

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  • Be mindful that this number dictates the amount of food purchased and staffing for the event. Please try to be realistic in your projection so that we can plan appropriately.

Please be aware of the following.

  • Class-A-Roll does not promote your event.
  • As a Mobile Learning Kitchen, we prefer not to park next to food trucks.
  • All activities will require a site visit by our driver unless we have been to the site prior to this event. All parties responsible for the parking at the location should be present. This includes, if applicable, the activity coordinator, owner of the site and security or grounds keeper.
  • If the activity is scheduled months in advance, we may request another site visit closer to the date of the activity.
  • It is preferable not to park on grass; however, if that is determined to be the best parking option, our ability to park in this designated spot may be dependent on if it rains 4 days prior to event or closer. Our driver will work with you to determine if the kitchen is still able to park on the grass or if we need to choose another location. Hard, packed services are preferred. This includes asphalt, concrete, etc.
  • If street parking is requested, we may ask that you have the police block off the street. Small side streets in the city are examples of streets that most likely will have to be blocked off completely. We are unable to block traffic in any way unless the street is blocked by the police.
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