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Healthy hearts. It’s on everyone’s minds these days. It’s the drive behind everything from Zumba to Yoga. Getting in your cardio is great, but how about that diet? Nowadays people are moving from fast food to good for you food. And restaurants aren’t the only place for tasty, healthy options. We’ve got something to help you move toward a heart-healthy diet and maintain it. And did we mention it’s free?

Introducing the Heart-Healthy Cookbook from
Bon Secours Heart & Vascular Institute.

Whether you’re a health phenom or need to take your heart health up a few notches, this digital cookbook is the right tool for you. It’s full of over 100 delicious, easy-to-make recipes that are all dietitian approved.

Getting the book is easy. Simply submit the form on the left, enter your info and you’re on your way.

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